• Roxii Hoare-Smith

£3 Dress

Blazer – eBay

Dress – Primark

Heels – Asos

I’m loving the basics right now! They are perfect to match with loud blazers like this and recently I’ve been wearing a lot of hot pink lipstick so with basics it means I can be more daring with my make up! I picked this camisole up for just £3 in Primark and I went back on Wednesday to try and buy it in every colour but I only managed to get green, orange and blue and I noticed this black one has ripped already. I still think they are great though as they will be perfect for my holidays, casual days and to match with bright and loud shirts, blazers and jackets!

I wore this outfit for a day around Central London and I wore my new beloveds, my Asos sandal heels! I left the house at 11am and got home around 12am and managed the whole day (I’m sure we walked miles! I ached the next day!) in these shoes and didn’t even need to change. They only started hurting about the last 10 minutes of the day so I’m very impressed. I may have to buy some more shoes like this as I now know I can get my wear out of them!

#Asos #ebay #Primark #Vintage

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