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25th -31st March in photos

Had a really lovely week, it was like my 3 weeks off for Easter had come early!

I was only in uni for 3 days because of a strike, so Monday I had uni and hung out with my boyfriend for the rest of the day.

Tuesday we had to drop some people off at Heathrow so on the way back we stopped off at Thorpe Park!

Me looking like a ‘Puffafish’ on Stealth. So funny!

We spent ages in the arcades haha!

Ben won me this, aw!

Everything we won on the 10p machines including 2x £5 notes, which Ben kept haha

Ben’s Easter Egg – JEL!

Had an amazing Nandos with my boyfriend and my family. One more stamp and I’m due a free whole chicken 😉

My dad was signing autographs saturday night haha, my claim to fame 😉

Drinks at mine with Ronan, Sarah & Ben the weekend 🙂

Hope you all had a great week 🙂

Sorry this post is a few days late!

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