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25 facts about me

I wrote this ages ago but only just remembered to post it, oops! Am I a bit late with the facts posts now?

I guess I’m copying all the other blogs but it is a great way to get to know each other right? Here are my 25 facts – try not to get too bored 😉

1. The people in the photo above are the ones I would say are the closest to me and my favourite people. I’m with the one with the red hair second on the left (obviously haha) We are all going to Spain together this summer – L-R My dad, me, my boyfriend Ben, my friends Sarah & Ronan and my mum.

2. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 11! I’ve been dark blonde, light blonde, black, brown, purpley brown. I’ve had a side fringe, full fringe, no fringe, long hair, a bob, short hair. Everything basically.

3. My claim to fame is that my Dad was in Come dine with me hehe. There is a photo of me and him up in Kingston Wetherspoons – they recognised my dad in there!

4. Even though I’m in London for uni I had more time to actually explore London when I was at school strangely and used to bump into so many celebrities (Selena Gomez – restaurant, Miley Cyrus – Topshop, Justin Bieber – Marble Arch) but sadly I haven’t met anyone in like years!?

5. I would say I have been into fashion since I was about 4/5 hahah! I used to tick all the things I want in the catalogues and it would basically be everything! Choice, La Redoute, Vertbaudet – remember those?

6. My mum and dad have been buying me Doc Martens since I was a baby! I had so many – silver, heart print, flower print, snakeskin. Once I got older I went through the velvet tracksuit stage and the vans and skinny jeans stage and swore I’d never be seen dead in DMs again. OOPS.

7. I worry all the time about anything and everything. Not sure there isn’t a time when I’m not worrying about something big or small!?

8. I used to be obsessed with magazines as a child and still am now which is why I went on to study journalism at university – hopefully I will fulfil this dream but I’m just going to see where life takes me!

9. I have a peace sign tattoo on my left arm, it’s always been my favourite symbol and I love what it represents – freedom and love. I know it is also a sign for nuclear disarmament too haha!

10. I desperately want to do something which includes travelling in the next few years, something that will make me feel proud of myself in the future but I can’t decide what?

11. I worry that in the future I won’t be able to afford clothes haha

12. I was always bad with shopping but since blogging it has got about a hundred times worse!

13. I’m social media manager for student magazine Kettle Magazine

14. I can’t drive and I feel like the only person who can’t!? My parents don’t drive either which everyone finds SO weird! (Yes most taxi drivers in our area know where we live and our names now)

15. I’m an only child

16. I’m 20 this year – I feel so old, I won’t be a teenager anymore. Saying that I be in my 20s sounds so weird. I feel like I’m 16 still.

17. I used to love the Jonas Brothers (I say used to, I would still see them live if they come to the UK again but I’m no longer a fan girl ;)) I travelled to Paris and Cologne and went to so many concerts/premieres and events of theirs. I guess it’s embarrassing but I don’t care!

18. Almost everyday I make a reference to The Inbetweeners, I’ve seen each episode/film about 10 times!

19. I’ve been obsessed with social media since I was around 12. Bebo, Piczo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress. You name it I probably have/had it

20. I so badly want to travel by train around Europe (interrail) I’ve planned about three different routes I just need money now and some insane people to actually want to go hehe

21. My dad has been wearing creepers since I was really young and I used to moan about them because I thought they were so ugly. For the past 14 months I have been obsessed 🙁

22. I can memorise dates in the past really well, my friends think it’s really weird! I can often remember what I did that day and what I was wearing, even if it was like five years ago.

23. Taylor Swift bought me Dominos in 2009

24. I went to Finland on an exchange in Feb 2009, amazing experience. I wish I had the chance to do something like that again!

25. I’ve always wanted a twin – but then again I really like being an only child!

If you managed it this far – thank you for actually reading them! 😀

Ps. Was browsing through Motel Rocks hall of fame & saw myself. Such a shock haha!

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