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24 things I’ve Realised at 24

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

24 things I’ve learnt in 24 years

So to celebrate that I’m now the ripe old age of 24, I thought I would list the 24 very random things that I’ve realised over the past few months since growing that little bit older and wiser…

I know 24 isn’t old but it bloody sounds it. Where have the years gone? I still feel like I’m 15 at heart. It doesn’t seem 6 years ago I was counting down the days until I was 18 so I could join all my friends on a night out (legally). Back then I thought I was really grown up. Every year I’ve felt like I’m even more grown up and I really know what I’m doing.

I think at 24 I can finally admit that I’m not grown up at all and I really don’t know what I’m doing. Adulting is hard, right!?

But what I do know is that I have changed over the past few years and these are some of the things I have realised…

1. I’m not as grown up as I thought I would be by 24 (and I don’t plan on growing up either)

I used to think I would be settled down with a kid and my own house by 27. LOL.

2. The hangovers get worse

Oh my god. 6 years ago I would have 1 strongbow and less than 25ml of Glen’s vodka and I would be on a high for the rest of the night and have no hangover.

Now I can’t have two glasses of wine without feeling like hell the next day.

3. I can’t eat whatever I want

Over the past week I have gone a bit crazy and totally over indulged (eating out once/twice a day) and I’ve recently noticed the effects of it. I can’t eat an M&M without it going straight to my thighs.

Goodbye to the days when I could pig out totally guilt free and not even put on a pound :'(

4. I can’t buy clothes anymore without trying them on

I miss the days when I would buy outfits without trying them on first and love them. Now everything I seem to buy seems show off my cellulite or my constant food baby. But now I’m a lot more clever at picking the right clothes to help hide these lumps and bumps.

5. I care less what people think

I still care a hell of a lot and let too much get to me. But I’m a lot better than I was. I mean I often wear avocado covered and rainbow patterned unitards, I wouldn’t of dreamed of that a few years ago.

6. I still don’t know what I’m doing in life

I thought by 24 I would have my life pretty much planned out but now I’m noticing that even being the most organised person can’t help with that. Who knows where life will take me over the next few years.

7. You can’t trust everyone

A few years ago I still thought everyone was nice and was out to do good. Another LOL moment at younger me.

8. You know who your true friends are

As you get older it’s all about quality not quantity. Plus I think when you get older you appreciate really nice people a lot more as they can be rare to find.

9. Everything happens for a reason

As cliche as it sounds I do believe that everything happens for a reason so there’s no point having any regrets. I wouldn’t change anything over the past few years as it has led me to where I am now.

10. My mum is right 99.9% of the time

I’ve learnt over the past few years that I need to trust my mum on basically everything she says because she is always right. She’s been there and done that and has the knowledge to prove it.

Sorry mum for not believing you with this one 😉

11. Life isn’t perfect

For anyone, so I need to stop worrying and stop being such a perfectionist.

12. I should be who I want to be

I listen to whatever music I want, wear what I want and do what I want. People will make still make comments whatever I do so what’s the point in holding back!

13. Drinking water is so important

I’ve been told this for years but I have finally started listening and wow, what a difference it has made to my skin and energy. (It only took me 24 years to realise…)

14. You can order a 3-year 16-25 rail card before your 24th birthday

Ok weird one but seriously, hearing this news made my day. I ordered mine a week before my 24th birthday and it runs out 2 days before my 27th birthday!

15. I don’t have to wear heels all the time

I went through a phase where I wore wear heels alllll the time and I would turn my nose up at trainers. Oh how times have changed…

16. My memory isn’t as good anymore

I’m always praised for my good memory but I’m turning into that person who has a great memory of irrelevant things that happened 10 years ago but not what happened 10 hours ago.

17. People are starting to get married and have kids

And it feels weird because I still feel like I am 15.

18. Everyone is younger than me

I was so used to always being the baby of the family, in my friendship group or at work and now that’s no longer the case.

Plus the amount of celebrities out there that are like 5/6 years younger than me is crazy.

19. I turned 18 SIX YEARS AGO

How is it over 6 years ago I was counting down the days until I could legally join my friends on a night out!? The wait felt like so long yet I blinked and 6 years passed.

It also felt like I waited a lifetime to turn 13 and finally be a teenager – that was 11 years ago!!!!

20. Time is precious 

I’m constantly running around trying to squeeze everything in and there is never enough time for it all. I miss the days when I would spend hours playing the Sims or watching trashy TV and I didn’t feel guilty about it.

And of course time with your loved ones is precious, so make every second count.

21. Staying in is such a treat 

Having a night in to relax feels like such a treat, I definitely took it for granted when I was younger.

22. Getting older stopped being fun at 22

Sure birthdays are fun but the getting older part – not so much.

23. I probably won’t be able to buy a house…

…in the near future or at all and I’m totally fine with that.

I could probably start saving but I’m not ready to give up the nights out, internet shopping or eating my way round London just yet.

24. I need to care less

So a bit of a contradiction to number 5.

Although I do care less than I did, it still holds me back so much but I’m working on it! (Says the person who just ordered some bright purple thigh high boots…)

Dress, Shoes & Choker – Topshop

Jacket – Zara

Earrings – Primark

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