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17 struggles of being flat-chested

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

The amount of love I got and I’m still getting for my article ‘16 benefits of being flat-chested‘ is insane!  Although I only want to promote positivity on the blog I thought I would write an opposite article to the one that received so many compliments.

So here’s the struggles of being flat-chested – which to be honest I found a lot harder to find that the benefits!

1. You can’t wear anything you want

Yet I still do. Take this top for example, I was really unsure about buying it as it’s probably not a piece I should wear as it doesn’t suit my chest but I love it and I had to have it. Even if it does make me look like a boy…

2. Spending your teenage years thinking your boobs will finally grow…

23 and still nothing. (:

3. In a similar article on Seventeen I loved this point they made as this is totally true! 

“Your mom tries to make you feel better by telling you she didn’t get boobs until she had a baby. Thanks mom. Only A MILLION years to go.”

4. You still get asked for ID 

Then the cashier looks absolutely humiliated when they see your date of birth. Cringe.

(But, to be honest I see it more of a compliment when I still get asked for ID so this is probably more of a benefit)

5. You have to make mean and insulting jokes about your unfortunate boob size…

Just so you can beat everyone else to it

6. You spent most of your teenage years wearing extremely padded bras

And now in your twenties you couldn’t care less and proudly declare yourself as leader of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

7. But when you do wear padded bras everyone notices that those aren’t your real boobs…

8. The saying “Calm your tits” is completely wasted on you 

And just reminds you that you in fact have none.

9. You still worry about having a nip slip

And it’s not just that you worry that everyone will see your boobs but they will see that you have none.

10. You get embarrassed while bra shopping

And you can feel everyone around you judging you for picking up a A or AA bra

11.  Trying on tops that don’t fit and people still say ‘Don’t worry, you’ll grow into it!’


12.  You have to put up with horrible nicknames

Gnat bites, bee stings…I’ve heard it all

13. All the cute bras don’t come in your size

The amount of times I have seen a bra I want and it starts at a C cup. Ahhhhhh.

14. You think that matching bikini or underwear sets are stupid

Because you aren’t the same size in the top and bottom

15. You never put weight on your chest

It goes everywhere else but there. UGH.

16. You can’t relate to all of those memes about ‘taking your bra off after a long day’

Because firstly you hardly ever wear a bra and secondly, when you do it doesn’t actually feel any different

17. You know guys with boobs (moobs) bigger than you

Now that’s just embarrassing (for you both!)

18. Bra fittings are the worst!

You feel like you are being judged and they just remind you that your boobs have not got any bigger and you are still the same size as you were at 15

What I’m wearing…

Earrings – Forever 21

Top – Zara

Trousers – Primark (An amazing £13 bargain!)

Bag – New Look

Shoes – c/o Just Fab 

Photos taken at Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach Dubai

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