• Roxii Hoare-Smith

17 Magnetic nail varnish

I bought this in green last year and was quite impressed, I originally wanted it in silver so when I found they had it in stock last week I was quite excited to try it – quite sad.

I just tried it out and I’m really disappointed! The magnetic look, which I thought would be better with silver than the green, was rubbish! After adding a clear coat on top it looks like its fading already! You have to put on a few layers, which may spoil the magnetic look? It is so thin and after one coat it looks rubbish!

For £5.99, I’m disappointed because I normally pay about £1-2 for my nail varnishes from George or Primark!

I’m going to give it another try again soon, maybe I need more practice with it! If I change my mind on it, I’ll post another photo and a more positive review!

I do recommend the green colour, that definitely works and provides a lot thicker coating! Although it does seem to chip really easily and quickly.

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