• Roxii Hoare-Smith

100 day challenge fail

I have to admit, I completely failed at the 100 day challenge. I lasted about 2 weeks 🙁

So the new plan, just buy LESS and don’t stop myself completely. Seriously impressed by those who make the 100 day challenge, this is twice I’ve tried and I’m useless.

So here are some of the newbies I’ve bought!

Maroon Jumper – Select (bought by my mum so this doesn’t count hehe)

Shirt – Primark

Jeans – Primark

Shoes – DMs I stole off of my mum 😀

Jacket – River Island

The jumper and shirt combo was influenced by Fearne Cotton after watching her documentary, “Fearne & James Blunt” last week. Two days later I bought this jumper to steal the look as I loved it so much! Funny enough, she also had the exact or a very similar jacket too which I have on in the photos below – coincidence!

I bought this new coat last week, so so disappointed that I didn’t think straight and bought it leaving my Company magazine at home meaning I could have saved £11 :'(

& Also River Island had a student lock in, everything 20% the other night meaning I missed out on the chance TWICE!

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